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In Home Consultation

You want your house to sell quickly and for the highest price possible. 

You also want the process to be trouble-free. That is what we do for clients every day!

What you need to know 

Certain repairs result in a larger return on investment while others have no effect what-so-ever.....

You need to be smart about where you put your pre-sale preparation investment to ensure your home sells at maximum

value for the least preparatory investment possible...

What our consulation will adress

• Repairs or improvements that will maximize the “SALE-ABILITY” of your home

• Paint colour choices (if needed)

• Furniture placement (or temporary removal to improve traffic flow)

• Items to pack away (& put into temporary storage)

• Fixture/Hardware replacement (if needed)

• Organizing, de-cluttering, de-personalization

• Improving curb appeal (if needed)

• Tips on showing your home/property that highlights focal features