Sue Nori  

Real Estate 

A little bit about our Realtor... 

Sue is an Orillia area Realtor® who brings personal experience as both a property investor and property manager to her clients. As an enthusiastic real estate investor, she understand that getting into today’s high-priced market often requires utilizing unique and personalized strategies, especially for families looking to Buy or Sell in popular cottage country communities such as Orillia.

In an attempt to diversify her own retirement portfolio, she turned to real estate investment and over the years acquired and developed income properties as well as converting a portion of her primary residence into an income generating suite. It was here that she found her true passion – buying, renovating and managing income properties. The tremendous experience she gained maneuvering through both the building and upgrading of all income properties, she now shares with families and individuals who would like to do the same in order to either free up more disposable income or to assist in making their mortgage(s) more manageable.

Having raised 5 kids of her own, she understands the importance of being in an ideal neighborhood with access to good schools. If you are looking for a Realtor who can provide you with warm, knowledgeable support, she will help you find that special home that strikes the balance between a good investment and a warm hearth.